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Whatsapp Ready to Bring Video Calling Feature on Android Gadgets

Whatsapp Ready to Bring Video Calling Feature on Android Gadgets

It is not a long time when Whatsapp brought video calling facility for Windows based models. They brought it last week and many people were thinking that Whatsapp may take some time to bring it for the other most famous platforms. However it seems that company is not taking much time to bring it for Android users also. They are now getting ready to bring it to other platforms also very soon. The exact date is not available at present but it is almost certain that company will bring it very soon for their users.

If you check closely the Beta edition of Whatsapp on Windows phone then you will find that there are two separate buttons for making the calls. The call button has two alternatives here. It is up to the user if he wants to select voice call or video call. Moreover during the video call a user can also utilize the features of cameras as per the requirement. This is certainly going to be exciting for many users. Most of the users around the globe will like to see this feature on their gadgets. Android definitely possesses a huge market share. Therefore adding this feature on Whatsapp will definitely assist a lot of people.

This year we saw a lot of improvements in Whatsapp. This Facebook owned company now has numerous exciting features which are appearing to be highly valuable for all the users. It is understandable why the company does not prefer bringing the updates for all the platforms simultaneously. The whole process certainly takes a lot of time. Company needs some space to provide the right features to their users. The Beta edition on Windows already possesses the new feature. Therefore many users around the globe will definitely wait for the final edition. Experts are saying that Whatsapp may release an official statement soon.

Now it is not unfair if iOS users are also expecting some additions to their features. Isn’t it? Whatsapp is not saying anything for this platform. However we all know that company will definitely offer the new features to all the users. Whatsapp is aware of the growing competition in this segment. A number of other platforms are gearing up to offer new characteristics to their users. Therefore Whatsapp wants to consolidate their position into the market. This will help the company to grow in coming times. We will discuss all the latest details as soon as Whatsapp announces something new for this segment.

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