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Nokia May Re-enter with D1C Tablet

Nokia May Re-enter with D1C Tablet

There was a time when Nokia was the leader of the market. People were not able to think beyond Nokia while purchasing a new device. However some wrong decisions by the company contributed a lot to make the things tough for the makers. Moreover they didn’t change with time and it was among the prime reasons company suffered a lot. Moreover they brought Windows based models and they didn’t add much to attain success.  Company lost the chance to regain the footprint and they were forced to sell their business to Microsoft.

Now the year 2016 is about to end very soon. Nokia is looking to start afresh and makers are coming with a new idea. Last month some reports were going on about the upcoming model of Nokia. People were saying that Nokia may bring a new smartphone. However now there are some changes in this section. Some new reports reveal that the upcoming model is actually a tablet. It is not a smartphone. Nokia is looking to expand its market in this section. They are taking it as an opportunity to expand their market. Nokia fans are also excited with these new reports. They hope that they will definitely get a dependable gadget as soon as company officially decides to bring it into the market.

The rumoured specifications also give an idea that Nokia D1C is going to be a dependable tablet. This model can have a huge 13.8 inch full HD display and company may add an Adreno 505 CPU here. Company is looking to add an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor here. The total internal capacity of the gadget can be 16GB. However some reports hint that users may get only 9GB here. This upcoming tablet can have 3GB RAM. Currently it is not clear what will be the screen-size of this model. It can either have a 5.2 inch screen or a 5.5 inch screen.

The rear camera of Nokia D1C tablet is expected to be of 16MP whereas secondary camera can be of 8MP. Some leaked information is giving a hint that the model may have 4K content support. Therefore it gives an idea how useful the gadget is going to be after the release. The gadget has premium specifications including high-quality sensors. Therefore it will definitely not going to be the part of midrange gadgets. The single SIM slot here will permit you to utilize it as a phone also. Now this is the re-entry of Nokia. Therefore the chances are high that they will offer a dependable gadget.

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