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Google’s new Nexus 5 (2015) leaked images and features

There was a rumor about Google is planning to unveil two new Nexus device with LG and Huawei. Furthermore, LG and Huawei brand upcoming Nexus Smartphones will have a slight difference in size. Huawei Nexus device featured with 5.7-inch display, whereas 5.2-inch display in LG Nexus respectively. The verge reports, an image has been leaked on Indonesia Google+ community page that looks like the upcoming Nexus nexus 5 image purportedly leaked in google+ community

Image shows, LG’s Nexus has logo in the bottom of the back panel that shows device belongs to LG Company. Similarly, we can expect a Huawei company logo on second Nexus Smartphone. Alongside, the device has a high resolution camera, led focus as well as laser focus 5

Further, both the Smartphone has medium sized circle on top side of the screen. It looks like fingerprint scanner that helps to lock and unlock the device. On the other hand, this same circle ring specification was also available on Huawei’s last released Smartphone featured with a quick photo shoot button. Likewise, it seems to be a quick button feature which allows to snap a photo using back facing camera. Some rumors also suggest that round circle in back panel is similar to Apple Touch ID to authenticate payment and index finger print for security.

In the image, both the Smartphone’s has rounded corner edge and three menu button in the bottom layer. And a front facing camera is positioned on top middle to snap selfies as well as video calling service.

In addition, there are some rumors spread around the internet that Google’s new Nexus will use USB type C-ports to transfer files and charging the battery. Google has not revealed hardware features, price and release date yet. We can expect both the device in the month of October or November. In my point of view, LG and Huawei Nexus Smartphones are going to be as thin as Apple iPhone 6.

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