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Samsung Urges Users Not to Use Galaxy Note 7


It is now more than one month and it is really unfortunate for Samsung that they have still not solved the issues of Galaxy Note 7. Company recently urged the users of Galaxy Note 7 once again not to use this model. It is very clear that this year’s Note model is almost dead. People first started avoiding this model due to blast related reports. Later on company officially recalled all the gadgets after this issue. Company provided the replacement but even these replacements are not safe.

Company tried their best to provide good models to the users. However they didn’t get success here. Galaxy Note 7 has now become the most unreliable model of Samsung’s history. Some fire related concerns have force Samsung to issue an appeal not to use this model. They have also asked network carriers around the globe not to sell this model. This is the second time within two months when Samsung has urged the people not to use this model. This is very surprising for almost all the market experts. A brand like Samsung is known for bringing high-quality models. Most of the Android users prefer this model. The issue started when users came to know that company has decided not to send the same type of battery to all the users globally. They have used different type of batteries for different regions. It became the prime reason for the failure of this model.

Samsung today requested all the Galaxy Note 7 users to switch the device off with immediate effect. The over-heating issues are still there. Many users around the globe have complained about the explosions. New devices of Galaxy Note 7 are also catching fire. Therefore right now company wants their users to switch off this device without any further delay. Currently it is not clear What Samsung is planning to do after this appeal. There are chances that they will again release some official statement about this model.

It is now almost certain that the model will not be able to grab the position in the market in future even if they re-release the model. The whole process is lengthy as the makers are required to complete all the documentation process. Now by the time they complete this process we may see Galaxy S8. Many users will surely give preference to Galaxy S8 instead of going with Galaxy Note 7. Company has already halted the production of any new Note 7 model. We will inform you as soon as Samsung releases any other official statement about this model in coming times.

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