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Whatsapp Now has Mentions Feature for Group Chat

Whatsapp Now has Mentions Feature for Group Chat

Whatsapp is now ready with mention feature as they can now use it on their Android and iOS gadgets. Many people around the globe were eagerly waiting for this feature from some time. If you are still clueless about this feature then a small hint from our end will help you to easily understand the meaning of it. You may be using Facebook or Twitter from long time. What symbol you generally use to mention someone here? It is ‘@’. Right? This symbol helps you to mention someone easily on Facebook as well as Twitter. However it was not available on Whatsapp before.

Now the world’s most famous messaging platform has decided to add this feature. Now you can use the symbol ‘@’ to mention someone on group chat. Therefore now you can easily send the message to an individual without any difficulty in group chat. This feature has the capability to make the chat more interesting than before. You can grab the attention with ease if you are looking to send the message to someone in a particular group chat. This new feature is available on Whatsapp version 2.16.259 or above for Android. Similarly iOS users can check version 2.16.10 or above to check the new characteristics. So now it is not a tough task to send the message to a particular user even if the group has a number of users.

Some talks were going on in June also for this feature but Whatsapp took some time to release it globally. They brought the feature quietly and many users are happy with this useful addition. You may already know that Whatsapp has increased the group capacity to 256 from 100. Therefore it becomes vital to tag someone if we are looking to send a specific message to someone. It becomes easier to send the message in a crowded group.

The feature is certainly useful. However some people are saying that the feature will not be useful every time. It is not uncommon if a user does not want to receive messages from a specific individual in a group. Now the chances of avoiding those messages will be very less. Experts are not ignoring this point. Currently the feature is new. Therefore only time will if the feature is actually useful for everyone or not. Whatsapp is already saying that they are looking to add more innovative features in coming time. You will get all the information as soon as Whatsapp bring the new characteristics.

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