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Whatsapp to Bring Low-light Selfie and Photo Doodling Features

Whatsapp to Bring Low-light Selfie and Photo Doodling Features

This year we have seen a lot of updates in Whatsapp as they have added numerous features. Recently they added animated GIFs characteristics on the platform. Now they are gearing up to add low-light selfie along with photo doodling features which many people will certainly like after the release. Company brought the newest beta version 2.16.264 where company has added these features. The new low-light selfie can be very beneficial for all the users as they can get top quality images every time.

It is now very clear that Whatsapp is looking to offer any particular feature prior to their competitors. They are not interested to stay behind in any case. Recently they have added a feature similar to Snapchat. Therefore now you can have many things at one place which can help you to avoid different platforms. The features like photo doodling and many other similar things will be highly beneficial in coming times as you can get multiple characteristics at a single place. The best thing is that you can make the chat more expressive in Whatsapp through emoji icons. Moreover stickers and text overlays are also going to be useful.

You may find these features in many gadgets. However it seems that Whatsapp is looking to push these features more so that many other users who are not utilizing it right now may start using it. There is no doubt that additional innovative features are well-liked by most of the users. It adds freshness and we like using it more and more. Now the built-in camera app in your gadget will assist you to get good quality selfies under different light conditions. You can get selfies in dark also. The feature in Whatsapp is very beneficial because most of the gadgets are not loaded with front-facing LED flash capacity. The quality of the image will depend on many other things like the brightness level of display panel as well as the range of the camera.

Company is testing these features right now. It is the reason that they have included the characteristics in Beta mode. You may not get the good results every time right now. However after the stable release you will get good options here. Developers are working to bring the best results in future. Currently the official dates are not announced for it. However it will not take more than two months to get these features.

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