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Apple Watch 2 Shows the Future of Smartwatches

Apple Watch 2 Shows the Future of Smartwatches

The market of smartwatches is increasing with every passing day. Apple recently brought their new Watch and many users around the world will definitely like the new model after using it. It is almost certain that many other makers will like to add similar types of features in coming days. Therefore we can say that the new Apple Watch Series 2 will give a glimpse of the new smartphone market.

Apple is paying attention towards the sports and fitness market with their new watch. The new Apple Watch Series 2 is waterproof. Therefore if you like swimming or jogging then it will not give you any trouble. The water-resistant capacity is up to 50 meters. The gadget has built-in GPS which can be very helpful for keeping the records of your fitness goals. The gadget has many other features like messaging and Apple Pay. One of the unique things is that company is looking to add some more features by the end of this year. One such thing is the ability to check Pokemon Go features. So you if you like playing this game then you will have the support for dealing with different creatures.

CEO Tim Cook said at the time of launch that Apple Watch has the kind of features which people expect from a watch these days. He further added that it is now the second best selling watch in the market. It is very clear that Apple is looking to compete directly with Fitbit with many new features. The price of Apple Watch Series 2 is $369 only. Many people still do not understand how smartwatch can be useful in our day to day activities. This time Apple was interested to show how this new smartwatch can be helpful for a user. You can keep the records of different apps. Use Siri for any particular information. It has the capability to work like a health instructor. Therefore you can comfortably utilize different functions to stay fit all the time.

Currently many people may not think smartwatches useful. However it is almost certain that people will start using it frequently in coming times. The addition of electronic wallet will make the model more useful. Company will like adding more functions in future. So smartwatches is indeed the gadget of future and Apple Watch Series 2 is the step in this direction.

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