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Apple may unveil iPhone 7 on September 7th

Apple may unveil iPhone 7 on September 7th

Next month is going to be an exciting month for Apple fans. Some latest reports are saying that company is looking to unveil their next iPhone model on September 7th, 2016. The exact name of the model is still not clear. However there are chances that we may see the next iPhone on the first week of next month. Experts have different views about the name of this gadget. Some are saying that it may be named as iPhone 7 while others are saying that iPhone 6SE will be the name of this upcoming model.

Rumours of the next model are going on from a very long time now. The excitement is now very high because the event time is approaching very fast. There is certainly no doubt that market is always eager to know about the next iPhone model. This year is also not different.  Apple always prefers bringing innovative functions every year. It is the reason that people are interested to know what they are going to offer this year. This year we may not see any major change. However there are still some points which may make the gadget different from the current model. We may not see the physical home button at the same place. Furthermore premium quality dual-camera can be valuable for a lot of people.

The wait may not be very long for us. The event date can be September 7th and makers may not take much time to bring the model into the market. People close to the industry are claiming that the sale may start from September 16th. The next gadget may not have the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Some changes may happen in this section. However we may see a major design change next year. Last month there were some leaked reports about MacBook Pro also. Apple was initially planning to launch the next MacBook model on the same date. However now they are planning to change the launch date of this machine. It may arrive in September but the exact date is not available at this point of time. Specialists are claiming that the next MacBook is going to be useful for video gamers. It may have an influential graphic processor which is going to be different from the current model. We will inform you the exact release date of both the gadgets as soon as we get some information from reliable sources.

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