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Now Celebrate Your Birthday with Facebook Birthday Videos

Now Celebrate Your Birthday with Facebook Birthday Videos

Facebook is looking to add something special on your profile. They are now looking to celebrate your birthday in style and it will be different from many other platforms. The social networking website is bringing a new feature this week which will celebrate your birthday in a unique method. Company is ready to include Birthday Recap Videos and it will have a preset birthday theme. This will be highly exciting for a lot of users because they will be able to watch videos and some other contents taken out from the account.

Now users will start getting Birthday Recap Videos on top of the Facebook wall. This video will appear a day after the birthday and it will be a wonderful collection of wall posts, images and texts. You will see that the video will have a cake and it will be loaded with all the birthday related contents. You can share this colourful cake with your friends. It is up to you if you want to edit some part of it before sharing it with others. However there is one condition to receive Birthday Recap Videos. The user should receive minimum Facebook posts on the day. All the contents will be included in the cake and you can share it with anyone as per your preference.

Facebook is bringing a lot of changes on their platform. They have not only brought the new features on their website but they have also brought different characteristics on Facebook Messenger also. The new Birthday Recap Video will be a friendly gesture by the company. It can certainly offer a fresh feeling to the user. Facebook is now paying special attention towards videos. They have brought other features like Happy Friends Day Videos and many more. This year company brought a lot of new functions. Therefore they are looking to add many new features so that users may get fresh things every time.

So now you can enjoy your birthday in style. This new function clearly gives an idea that company cares about their users. You can now save all the favourite moments of your birthday at one place. This will certainly give you the joy of celebrating the birthday in future also. How about checking these videos after many years? It will be thrilling. Don’t you think so? Check the data after some years. It is certainly hard to explain in words how it may feel in future when you check these videos after a very long time.

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