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Asus Zenfone Common Issues: Battery Life, Unstable 2G/3G Internet, Wi-Fi and GPS Problems

The year 2014 saw the launch of quite a few middle ranged smartphones, which took the mobile world on the swirl. The notable ones among them are smartphones from Xiaomi, Motorola and Asus. It is undoubted that the these devices have allowed the individuals with a bit of financial inhibitions to explore the Android and high configured devices at a minimal price. The features that the devices provide is probably too god to be had at that price. But the devices have some flaws as well. Today I will be talking about some of the flaws that a Zenfone user might just have experienced already or might well experience in the future.asus-zenfone-series

The middle ranged Asus Zenfone Series consists of 3 smartphones: Zenfone 4, Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6. The names are the direct reference to the display of the devices. One of the best things about any Asus Zenfone devices is that it comes with an Intel Atom processor. The specifications grow along with the size as well. Zenfone 4 packs a punch with 1 GB RAM, 8 GB internal memory (for most of the devices) and a 5 megapixel camera.

Zenfone 5 can be easily taken to be the upgraded version of Zenfone 4 and has an added flash to the primary camera and a better secondary one. Zenfone 6, which is probably the best of the lot comes in 8, 16 and 32 GB model along with 2 GB RAM. The smartphone has 13 megapixel primary camera with LED flash coupled with a 2 megapixel secondary camera. The three smartphones are priced approximately about $130, $160 and $220 respectively. In a line, the smartphones are one of the best devices that you can have in case you are looking for some middle ranged high performance smartphones.

The user reviews have been expectedly good for all the devices, but certain issues have come up recently. Leaving the aside the initial issues with the sound or power management, there are many new issues that are surfacing especially after upgrading to Android L. There have been many reports suggesting a further degradation in the battery life. The power management technique is quite poor and is leading to inhibit users from using high configuration applications.

In addition, several issues have been reported with a poor stability in Wi-Fi connectivity, bad RAM management, poor GPS response, etc.. One of the recent additions to the list in the issue with Internet connectivity. The reports suggest that the internet network is extremely unstable in all the devices. Although the case has been reported by only a few users, the experts believe that the issue is currently dormant in the other devices.

The users are unable to choose whether to use 3G network or 2G network, while the system constantly reverts back to 2G scheme. Even if any user wants to change the settings, he or she is unable to do so. In these cases, the internet is working fine, but at a much slower speed. Some believe that the ZenUI service might well be the root cause, wherein it might be a bug disrupting the service. One will probably have to wait for further Firmware upgrades to check whether the issues are solved or not!

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