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Facebook Messenger to Support Instant Articles

Facebook Messenger to Support Instant Articles

Facebook Messenger is regularly adding new features this year. They have included many new things right from the beginning of 2016 and they are still adding innovative features. Now the platform has taken a unique step to merge two of their functions. These are instant articles and messenger. Now users will start getting lightning bolt on the top right section of specific links added in the app. These bolts will become the hint to recognize instant article.

Facebook is saying that the overall experience of reading the contents have improved a lot after the launch of instant articles. Therefore they are planning to add this feature in Messenger also which will help users to read the important information any time. Facebook is looking to add the feature first on Android gadgets. Later on they will move to iOS also to provide this facility. Therefore now lightning bold will assist you to recognize instant article. This signal will be present on the top right corner. So it will not be tough for you to identify the important contents comfortably.

This new feature will definitely help a lot of people using Messenger app. Many of us like sharing the contents for different reasons. If Facebook is providing this facility then it will be easy for all the users to share the important data according to the requirement. There are now more than 900 million active users of this platform. Therefore adding the support for instant articles will not only help professionals and businessmen. It will also assist general users. This new addition will help marketers also to discuss their plans in an organized manner. Many publishers also like using this platform. Now the availability of instant articles here will assist them in a new way.

Instant articles on Facebook Messenger will help a number of users. This can also be useful for a number of enterprises around the globe. They can directly deal with customers which can be highly beneficial for them. The direct communication between customers and companies will help the overall market to grow in the right direction. Communication tools will be much faster than before. These articles will have the support to play videos instantly. Moreover you photos will have zoom feature to check the image thoroughly. There will also be ‘comments’ and many other sections like interactive maps. So Facebook Messenger is not just about chatting with your friends now. It has a number of features which can be very fruitful for you in many regions.

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