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Android Nougat – New Operating System with Additional Features

Android Nougat – New Operating System with Additional Features

A few days ago Google officially announced the name of their new operating system. You may remember we discussed the point with you. It is Android Nougat and this operating system will have some new features which will make the platform different from the current version. The Beta version of Android Nougat is already available for developers from some time. Now experts have the view that the operating system will be launched officially next month. Therefore the chances are high that you may see the full version of new operating system very soon.

Many people close to the industry are saying that Google is planning to launch their next Nexus model and Google Nougat through a single event. Company always prefer offering the next Android operating system through their Nexus model. So this time also they will prefer bringing the same. We cannot deny that Google will first like offering Android Nougat through Nexus 2016. Therefore if you are planning to purchase a new smartphone then do not forget to check this upcoming model. Last time we discussed that Google is planning to offer Nexus 2016 in collaboration with HTC. This manufacturer will also offer Android Nougat on HTC One A9, HTC 10 as well as HTC One M9.

Android Nougat is certainly going to be better than the previous operating system. It will have an added layer of security which will help people to protect the device from unknown threats. This new operating system will not allow malware to reset the password of the gadget. Therefore it is undoubtedly better than the previous operating systems. These days you may have noticed some cases where fraudulent people are resetting the password of the device through some malware. Later on it becomes tough for the users to start the gadget till they pay some amount. This is certainly a big issue for many users. Now in Android Nougat it will add extra safety to the device. So these malware will not be able to access any confidential data.

The new operating system will also have a special built-in file manager. The name of this file manager is ‘Explorer’ which will support users to manage their data more comfortably than the current system. You will also get some other notable features like managing apps while updating the gadget, Night Mode and many more.  You can also handle multi-tasking features here without any trouble.

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