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This pigeon dating simulator game coming soon to Sony PS4 and Vita

Hatoful Boyfriend, is one of the weird video games, which are so eccentric, the entire game is totally weird and can only be played by those people who loves to play with other species rather than human beings.hatoful-boyfriend-game

The game is about to come out on July 21st on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, the game got a nickname as “pigeon dating simulator”. The game is entirely about a human girl studying high school at “the all-bird school of St. Pigeonation’s, where birds live like a regular human being, and also with all drama as well as romance.

Here comes the weirdest part of the game, the objective of the game is that the player needs to live the life of a normal human girl. The player needs to do normal high school life, such as passing exams, hanging out with besties (most probably pigeons) and also need to complete the goal of snagging a boy boyfriend.

The most interesting part is that, the girl needs to snag a bird boyfriend within the end of the semester, otherwise the player will be assassinated from the game. The entire game comes with an objective that the player is the one and only human in the world and if the player doesn’t get a bird boyfriend in the game, the player will be dead.

The gameplay is similar to any other video games, the player need to play the game in the story in the mood. The progress of the game is purely depends upon how the player interacts with other characters in the game. During gameplay, if you’re cool and nice, you can easily make friends in the game, else it will be very difficult to complete the game.

If you ever want to play with a pigeon, then this game might be an excellent choice for you.

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