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New Leaks Show Big Cameras for Both iPhone 7 Models

New Leaks Show Big Cameras for Both iPhone 7 Models

The third quarter of this year is about to start very soon. It is the time when we start getting many new details about upcoming iPhone model. This year is also not different and a lot of new leaked information is arriving with every passing day. Some new images are circulating all over the internet which are giving some hints about the camera of this upcoming device. The leaks are saying that the images are related to iPhone 7. If it is true then we are going to see a large camera in iPhone 7 models. This year Apple brought many new things as we have seen some new products. The new operating system iOS 10 is already out which will be available for the users very soon. WWDC 2016 is also over now. Therefore the complete focus will be on the two upcoming iPhone 7 models.

Many experts are saying that the upcoming iPhone 7 models may have antenna bands at the rear case. The top and bottom are sections where it can be relocated here. Therefore the new location of Antenna band is going to be different from the current iPhone6S model. The flawless design will be the thing to check this time here. The new type of camera is going to be eye-catching in upcoming model. The leaked images of 4.7 inch iPhone model have a large hole. There are chances that camera is going to be upgraded this time which may look different from the current model.

Some other components will also be close to this new hole. Therefore we may see some other kinds of upgrade also which may make the functions more exciting in coming times. It is very clear now that the cameras of both the upcoming models are going to work brilliantly in low light condition also. A lot of talks were going on from some time about it and it is now almost certain that people will praise the quality of iPhone 7 camera in future. The leaked images of iPhone 7 Plus show the model with a pill-size hole on the left section located at the top. Therefore many people have the opinion that the gadget can have a dual-lens camera. Zoom section is expected to be loaded with more innovative characteristics this time. So get ready for sharp and clear images. Apple is getting ready to offer new cameras with their two upcoming gadgets.

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