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Microsoft to Bring High-end Gadget

Microsoft to Bring High-end Gadget

Microsoft Lumia models were not successful as per the expectations. Therefore company decided to work on Surface models only and were looking to stop the release of any new Lumia model. They were more interested to manage other Windows 10 based models to give a new strength to the system. Therefore there were no reports available about any new model by Microsoft. However it seems that it may change soon because some new reports are saying that Microsoft is getting ready to bring a new high-end model.

Recently Microsoft Corporate VP Kevin Gello said that they are working on an innovative model and it can be related to category innovation. They did it before with Surface tablets and now plans are open to other sections also. Now this clearly means that Microsoft is working on a new Windows 10 based model and it is going to be different from other models. It clearly means that Surface edition models are on the cards and we will definitely see something new very soon. A lot of talks were going about new Surface smartphone models and it seems they are absolutely true.

Kevin Gello said that their primary focus will be enterprise segment to get the business as per the expectations. It is the only section through where they can get the required business. He further made the point clear that their upcoming models will be only high-end gadgets and they have no plans to bring economical models. He made it very clear that they have no intentions to leave smartphone world. Company has no plans to abandon Windows phone software and they are working to make the things better for Windows based models.

Microsoft is preparing to offer new things to customers. They are hopeful of getting success similar to Windows based desktops. Therefore only time will if they will attain success or not. The challenges of Microsoft are many in this segment. They have to do a lot to get new customers in enterprise segment. The market is loaded with a lot of alternatives. Therefore it is will be interesting to see how Microsoft will attain success with their expensive models. Company will definitely not bring economical models in coming times. So if you are looking to check Windows based models then you have to go with high-end gadgets. They are going to update Windows 10 Mobile OS very soon. Therefore we may see the new model only after this update.

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