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Xiaomi to Bring Mi Note 2 and Mi 5S

Xiaomi to Bring Mi Note 2 and Mi 5S

Xiaomi products have gained popularity within a short span of time and they are getting ready to compete with the best into the market. Their Redmi as well as Mi series models have become successful. Therefore makers have decided to work on the next editions of these models. Company brought Mi 5 few months ago and now some reports are arriving that they are working on the next model. The same reports are arriving for Mi Note 2 also. Company is planning to bring this model in three categories. These are standard, high and premium/top-end.

Currently the exact details of Mi Note 2 are not available but some leaked details are suggesting the model can have two different editions. The first edition can have a single rear camera setup while the second can have a dual camera setup. This model can have fast charging feature and chip will be more influential than the current model. The second edition can also have a curved display also. RAM is also going to be a point which may differentiate both the models. The first edition of Mi Note 2 can have 4GB RAM whereas second edition can have 6GB RAM. Therefore you can purchase the gadget exactly as per your need.

Now if we talk about Mi 5S then the name itself tells a lot about the gadget. It is going to be the next edition of Mi5 and the configuration will be better than the current model. It can have ultrasonic fingerprint recognition as well as a special pressure-sensitive display which may become the thing to check here. Experts are saying that display and resolutions may not be very different from the current model but the dual-camera setup may perform better than the present model. It can also have 6GB RAM. Currently the announcement date is not known but we may soon get some details next month.

The screen-size of 5.15 inch with Full HD display will help users to enjoy different functions with ease. The gadget is expected to arrive somewhere in second half of this year but the exact release date is not known. Pressure Sensitive display in Mi5S is expected to work similar to Apple 3D Touch. Therefore we may see a lot of changes in coming times. Xiaomi is constantly pushing boundaries to provide top quality features to their customers without spending a huge amount. Company will definitely like providing excellent specifications in future also.

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