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iPhone 7 can have Dual-SIM Tray Along with 3.5 mm. Headphone Jack

iPhone 7 can have Dual-SIM Tray Along with 3.5 mm. Headphone Jack

Next iPhone model is in news from a long time now. We have heard a lot about possible specifications and features. However now some new reports are emerging about it and if they are true then it will be a big surprise for the market. These details are related to some new characteristics of this upcoming device which Apple never brought before. These reports are coming from China. Here are some vital points of these reports.

People close to the industry are saying that Apple is planning to include two SIM trays this time. Now if this is true then it is going to be a major change. We have never seen Apple bringing iPhone with dual-SIM feature. However it seems that Apple has decided to work according to the requirement of market. Most of the people these days prefer keeping dual-SIM model. If Apple has any plan to bring dual-SIM model then it will undoubtedly open a new market for them. The next exciting thing is the availability of 256GB storage capacity. It will be huge if company is planning to include it. A number of leaked images are hinting about these two things.

Some other rumours are also suggesting that Apple may include a 3.5 mm headphone jack here. There is no plan to ditch the component this time as discussed before by some experts. It can also have a dual-lens camera which is expected to be available in 4.7 inch model. Currently these are just rumours and it is not clear if the information is genuine or not. A few days ago people were saying that Apple may not include 3.5 mm headphone jack in upcoming model. However now some other reports are arriving which is entirely different from the last edition.

There is one more report about the production of the next iPhone model. Sources are saying that Pegatron is handling the base variants of upcoming model whereas Foxconn is dealing with the bigger model. The mass production has already been started and next month Apple may discuss something about a special event. These new discussions will definitely create an interest among the masses. These features are such which cannot be ignored in any case. Many of them may be available for the first time here which can be very exciting for a number of users. We still have to wait for September to know more about it.

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