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Facebook Messenger Gets a New Design

Facebook Messenger Gets a New Design

Facebook Messenger is among the top messaging platforms and recently it got a new design. This is certainly exciting for more than 900 million users around the globe as they can now utilize many new features in it. This platform has a strong user base. Therefore it naturally becomes important for them to provide some unique features so that users can stay happy with it. The new design has many new characteristics which will make it different from others. The new design is making the app a little different from the main Facebook app which is undoubtedly a welcome step. This will give a refreshing gaze to the platform.

You will now find a home tab here which can be useful for you to see who is online. You can also get the information about upcoming birthdays as well as the people who are your favourites in this app. This new design will help you to chat with your preferred friends without any difficulty. You can comfortably start the chat where you left last time. Moreover if you are looking to start a new chat then it is certainly not difficult. There is a navigation bar this time which will tell you many new things. Some of them are call records, your profile, contacts as well as group.

This new design is very different from regular updates. Now you may find the difference between Facebook Messenger and other similar platforms. The stage has reached where these types of platforms are finding tough to introduce something new for their users. Now at this stage if Facebook Messenger is providing something new then most of the people will surely like it. There is new homepage now and once you update Facebook Messenger you will get all the details about it. The main screen is appearing different now.

You may remember we discussed a few days ago how Facebook is regularly pushing for updates this year. Facebook Messenger is looking to become a standalone app which will offer new things to their users frequently. They are pushing their apps and many new things aggressively into the market this year. It is almost certain that we will see many new modules in coming times. They will undoubtedly add many new features in this platform which you may not find in any other similar platform. So check this new update and enjoy the features of this new design.

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