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New Whatsapp Beta Version has ‘Quote’ Feature

Whatsapp Beta Version has ‘Quote’ Feature

We have seen a number of changes on Whatsapp recently. They are still adding some new features frequently and the latest one is the inclusion of ‘Quote’ feature. Whatsapp Beta v2.16.118 is loaded with this new feature and we will soon get it in final edition also. So now you will soon be able to reply some specific message in a chat. This is certainly useful. Isn’t it?

Now a question may come to your mind. Is it available for group chats as well as one-to-one? The answer is ‘YES’. Choose a particular message you are looking to quote. The option will be available right there. You just have to select it to get the option. Once you tap the ‘Quote’ section, you will get the message you are looking to quote. It also has a reply option. You can cancel it if you have changed the decision note to quote. The section quoted by you will be highlighted this time and the receiver of that message can check it without any difficulty.

One of the best things about this ‘quote’ feature is that it is going to be very handy in group chats. This new addition can make the chat more meaningful and interesting. Moreover you can also highlight an important section comfortably. It is also valuable on one-to-one chats as you can easily quote the section if you are looking to refer any old message. Users will find it very easy to use. Long press the message you are looking to reply. Choose the reply option here. The message you want to answer will appear as a quote and it will come to your text box. Now reply the message here. It is absolutely simple.

Some people may think about images here. What will happen if the quoted message is an image and not text? Correct? We would like to inform you that you will get a preview before you send it. Therefore you need not have to worry about it. The feature is will be available in Android. Currently there are no reports about its availability in iOS but it may appear soon. A number of experts are claiming that Whatsapp may bring something special in iOS. A new update may arrive here within next few days and it may have some unique features. People are now eagerly waiting for video chat facility here. Is it the next in line? What do you think?

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