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Mophie to Bring New Cases for iPhone with Wireless Charging Facility

Mophie New iPhone Cases

There are some makers who have started bringing wireless charging facility on their device. It is still not available on iPhone which is a little surprising for some users. There are reports that the next iPhone may have this feature but now you need not have to wait for it that long. Mophie is ready to bring this feature right now and you would be able to charge the gadget without wired connectivity anytime.

Mophie is an established name of smartphone industry as they are offering high-quality battery charging cases from many years now. The makers have now announced wireless charging battery case for iPhone 6S as well as iPhone 6S Plus. This is not all. Company also brought these cases for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. So now you will have wireless charging features right in the mobile case which is undoubtedly going to be supportive.

The feature of this case will be highly useful for a number of users. Now they need not require the chargers to carry anywhere as the case of the device will be available to charge the gadget. Company is referring it as their first 24/7 wireless charging ecosystem.  The name of this ecosystem is Juice Pack Wireless and it will be available for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy model with wireless charging facility at base. This Juice Pack is compatible with Qi and they also support many other charging standards. Therefore it will be any issue to add power to this device.

Mophie is creating its own standard in wireless charging technology. They are bringing the products which are not only different from others but more useful as well. It is not just about adding power to the battery but it is about getting that power whenever a user requires the most. The special wireless technology will help a lot of iPhone users who are still looking for a genuine wireless charging system. The price of Juice Pack Wireless for iPhone 6 and 6S is just $100 only whereas it costs $130 only for bigger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus. They have their charging base. So you can easily utilize it according to your need. There is no doubt that this wireless charging system will be a successful product in coming times. It will open a new market and we may see similar types of products in future.

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