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Apple May Refresh iPhone Models only after Three Years

Apple May Refresh iPhone Models only after Three Years

Some reports are emerging from Japan that Apple is planning to make some major changes on their iPhone production strategies. You may already know that at present Apple prefers bringing a fresh iPhone model only after two years. They bring ‘S’ edition one year after releasing the main model. Therefore major update comes only after two years. They are following this tradition from some time now. However those reports are Japan are saying that Apple is now planning to bring a revamped edition only after three years. It means that market will get to see the new iPhone only after the completion of three years.

Currently it is not official but there are chances that Apple may change their strategy now. A number of factors are counting for this change. The first is the sales figure. This year has become the first year in Apple’s history when their overall sales figure slowed down. People close to the industry are watching it eagerly because now Apple has its own plans to boost their overall sales. They will definitely like to further enhance their quality standards to keep the gadget the best in smartphone industry.

The other factor is to bring actual new updates. Now reality is that there is hardly any scope left to bring actual updates to the gadgets within such a short span of time. This can be compared to the state of saturation where people are not able to find anything special in a newly released gadget. A gap close to three years will help them to include some fresh updates which will actually make the gadget different from its predecessor. This year we may see iPhone 7, but after the release of this model Apple may change their strategies.

Most of the specialists have the opinion that iPhone 7 may be a little different from iPhone 6. It can have a fresh design and it will be capable of creating more multifaceted demonstrative vibrations on display. Therefore the appearance will be different from previous iPhone models. OLED display is going to consume less battery. Therefore it will provide more room to utilize many other functions. Currently these are just the rumours as Apple is not saying anything on the record. We may hear something more about it only after the release of ‘iPhone 7’. Stay tuned to know more about it.

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