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100 Rooms – Brain Teaser game for Android Review

100 Rooms – Brain Teaser game for Android

100 Rooms is an absolute brain teaser game on Android device. This is a really brain wracking game, just imaging that you are madly trying to escape from a never ending series of locked rooms and you didn’t even know why you are there, how did you go there and the last how will you get out of that place???? The first few stages are quite simple you just have to use the item around you to get the door unlocked. You have to solve the puzzle to get out of the room.

You have to go through 100 Rooms and slowly as you unlock the rooms it becomes more head-scratchers. Like all the other puzzle game this game also increases its difficulty level as you go to the higher level.

Features of 100 Rooms:

  • 42 Rooms (updates to come).
  • Addicting mini puzzles.
  • You have to combine the item.
  • Complete utilization of your devices feature.
  • Every room is differently decorated and more difficult to depart.
  • You can grab it for free.

This game 100 Rooms will really test your observation, memory, and logic and thinking capability how much you can think out of the box. 100 Rooms interface is not up the mark and the first hub room has an arcade machine that gives you points which you have to spend on hints. You will be provided with a map that allows you to replay any room. You can play this game on the basis of your mental ability from special awareness to mathematics pattern recognition to deductive reasoning.

100 Rooms is really a Interesting, enjoyable, frustrating and addictive, as once you start playing this game you will be satisfied after completing all the stages. But let me warn you play at your own risk.

You can get this game 100 Rooms for free at Google play. So what are you waiting for this game 100 Rooms is the one game you must have in your Android device.

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