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Google IO 2016: Major Announcements

Google IO 2016 Major Announcements

This year Google showed the new way of utilizing technology as some major announcements is giving a clear hint about their future plans. The new tools and APIs are talking about their vision. The event started like a music festival and as per expectations of company around 7000 people arrived to attend it. Company made the arrangements to organize the event close to the headquarters. Company clearly explained what their future plans are as they showed a lot of gadgets to techies. They also displayed various development kits and software to further expand their base. Here we are the details of some of the major upcoming products by Google. These products are expected to arrive soon and it may open new horizons in technological world.

Allo: – The popularity of messaging apps is increasing day by day. There are some major platforms which billions of people use these days. They have added a number of new features due to which they are very useful for people. Now Google is getting ready to compete with others in this segment. They are bringing Allo to compete with other platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. This is not going to be just another messaging platform. Google has included ‘Google Assistant’ feature here. So now you can check different places or other things like flight schedules and many more even while chatting with friends. There is also going to be an option called ‘smart replies’. This option will assist you to send the replies in certain cases without typing the content every time.

APIs: – There are different types of API updates available now which will certainly please a lot of developers. A number of tools are now available which is new into the market. It will assist a lot of people to bring new things. There are new instant apps as well as assistance of mobile web which will prove fruitful in coming times.

Android Studio 2.2:- If you are following Google related news from some time then probably you may have heard about it before. This is an innovative tool supportive to utilize app features through Android N. The new update has now a fresh layout designer and different designing tools. You can get better outcome through UIs which is highly beneficial to get new items on gadgets.

Now apart from that Google announced many more new things. We will discuss it with you very soon.

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