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Microsoft Band 2 will Now Calculate your Walks

Microsoft Band 2 will Now Calculate your Walks

These days the trend of fitness bands is increasing regularly. More and more people are now using it to know the exact data related to their health. Microsoft has also started offering this band from 2014 and now they are getting ready to bring the next edition. It is true that Microsoft is not offering smart watch like Apple or Android wear like Google. However they have started offering Microsoft Band which is sufficient enough at present. The company is now expanding their hardware market also and we may soon some other products in coming times.

The new Microsoft Band 2 is now the complete fitness tracker. One of the most valuable things about the new band is that it has cross-platform support. Therefore it is not necessary for you to have Windows based gadget only to access the features of this band. It is therefore easily accessible to the users. Company is regularly bringing new features to the device and they are also bringing regular software updates which are supportive for all the users. Earlier a number of leaked details had hinted that Microsoft Band 2 will have a special Explorer Mode. This mode will help the hikers to know all the important details. Recently Microsoft announced it officially and they told that Explorer tile will be the part of Microsoft Band 2.

The new Explorer Tile here will have a special set of tools that will assist the user to collect all the important data. It does not matter if he is walking in city or hiking a terrain. Earlier Microsoft was saying that they will bring the update after some days. But later on they changed their plans and now they have started bringing this new update. Microsoft Health is now available and this will be able to assist you to keep the fitness right on to the track. You can easily create different kinds of challenges here which can be beneficial for your health.

Microsoft Band 2 is useful to save all the important data. So you can refer it whenever you require. Therefore in case you have not checked Microsoft Band 2 and Microsoft Health app then it is time to check. This new gizmo is now loaded with different useful features like weather warnings and reminders of nutrition. The official dates will soon be available and we will inform you as soon as we get the details.

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