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Microsoft highlights ‘Energy Saving’ mode for Xbox One

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT): With the world going crazy pressing of the issues to over use of Electricity, Xbox One had brought up an answer to the question raised on it a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago, Microsoft’s Xbox One faced the hammer as the environmental group, Natural Resources Defense Council, blamed its ‘Instant On’ mode for excess use of electricity on the consumers part. According to them, individuals with Xbox One will have to pay approximately $250 million cumulatively. That is surely a heck of an amount and more than that, a huge amount of electricity being used.xbox-one-energy-saving-mode

Now, Microsoft is looking to answer the statements by highlighting the energy saving option available with Xbox One during the set up. The company claims that the feature will allow the users to save approximately $7 to $14 per year on an average. If this much saving comes through, the issue of excess bill will certainly be solved.

According to the reports, the main issues with Xbox One was that during set up, the system did not provide any other option along side the Instant On mode. The mode allows the Xbox One to automatically download the updates for the games, which is in turn a power consuming process. In addition, the voice command recognition scenario also allows the user to switch on Xbox One with the voice command ‘Xbox On’. Thus, even in sleep mode, Xbox is still running a few applications like voice recognition, which adds on the power consumption.

Microsoft has stated that this was another phase in the evolution of Xbox One. The users can now easily switch to power saving mode via the settings. But the Windows makers have also stated that the Instant On option will serve the users with best performance. Now, it is up to the users to decide what to choose.

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