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Whatsapp 2.16.29 Available for Nokia and Symbian S60

Whatsapp 2.16.29 Available for Nokia and Symbian S60

Facebook acquired Whatsapp some time ago and since then it is grabbing headlines on regular basis. They brought a number of updates and new features which most of the people loved while using it. This messaging platform which has now included calling facility also has billions of users throughout the globe. The percentage of people using smartphone without Whatsapp is very small. Therefore we can easily understand how popular it is in present time.

Recently Whatsapp brought a new edition for some platforms. This edition is especially for Symbian S60, Nokia and Nokia Belle users. It is very clear that company is satisfied that it will further increase their user-base as a lot of people are using these gadgets. This is certainly exciting for a number of Nokia and Symbian S60 users. There are no additional features in this edition as it is a minor update but a new edition is certainly going to give a fresh experience to the users.

One of the best things is that you can use all the newest updates which Whatsapp recently brought for their users. You will have end-to-end encryption feature here. Therefore you need not have to worry about the personal details you share with your loved ones. The data is completely safe here as only the sender and receivers are able to read it. You can also configure notifications through ‘settings’ section if you require. This is truly a welcome step for all the Nokia users.

Some people may doubt that this Whatsapp update may slow down the device. However it is not going to be the case. The size of the installation file is increased by just 3KB. So you need not have to think about the speed of the gadget. Whatsapp is getting ready to bring video calling feature also. So there are chances that company may launch this feature for every platform. However it is not clear if the voice calling facility has been added here or not. There are no new emojis here but you would be able to see it if someone sends you through message. If you have not downloaded this update then you can simply visit ‘options’ and then ‘settings’. Here you will find the option to update the application. There is another way of downloading the latest version. Simply visit official website of Whatsapp. You will get all the related information about it.

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