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Apple Redesigns iTunes 12.4

Apple Redesigns iTunes 12.4

Apple is gearing up to make some important changes before the release of their other main models. They recently brought some new updates for their operating system and now they brought the new version of iTunes for their customers. They brought some vital bug fixes and a new kind of design which is attracting a lot of people. Most of the specialists were discussing the importance of updating media software. This section was in news from some time and Apple didn’t take much time to update it. It is important to inform you that Apple brought major bug fixes for their media software and it is appearing to be satisfactory.

Now the main point is the latest design of iTunes. The new design of this sector is certainly an interesting step because it is giving a new gaze to the section. The new interface is now appearing simpler than before. Company reintroduced sidebar this time. It is making the navigation easy. Furthermore most of the users will find media picker user-friendly because checking the details is now very smooth. Some users have complained about deletion problem in iTunes. Apple has taken the step and most probably it will be updated this time. Most of the experts told it before that it was related to company’s own database issue. This was not related to the security of customer’s information.

The new update on iTunes section will help you to navigate different segments effortlessly. Now you can enjoy your favourite TV show, music, and many more things without any difficulty. Library can be accessed with ease as the sidebar will help you to locate the song easily. Moreover ‘Menus’ section is also very simple now. It will not be a tough task to add the song on your playlist.

Apple also brought a small change in OS X 10.11.5. The complete details are yet not known but it is related to vital bug fixes and enhancement of overall performance. Apple also updated some other sections to provide more security to customer’s data. A few days ago we told you that Apple is planning to bring OS X 10.12 at WWDC event next month. Therefore this update gives a hint that Cupertino based company is taking all the vital steps to safeguard customer’s interest. So check the new updates now as they are now available for all the users.

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