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Evernote Adds Feature to Include Google Drive Files

Evernote Adds Feature to Include Google Drive Files

Evernote note included an intelligent move by providing the feature to add Google Drive files. This new addition on Evernote is certainly going to be very beneficial for the users as they can now manage a lot of data with ease. If you are an Evernote user then you can now keep the records of your Notes more comfortably now.

There is no doubt that many among us struggle to manage all the data most of the time. There are lots of information which people store through Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive and many more. Therefore if the users are getting a single channel to access their data then it is undoubtedly going to be useful. It will be the choice of user to include file in the form of copy paste URL’s or as an attachment. Once the user includes the file he can access it with ease any time. This new feature in Evernote is appearing very user-friendly for everyone. There are chances that Evernote may not recognize the type of the file you attached through Google Drive. Therefore in this case you will get a display like a default paper-click icon. So you can get an idea about the file.

This new features can be synchronized automatically. Therefore it is not necessary for a user to include the details every time. You can keep the data on your Evernote as soon as you include it through Google Drive. There is no requirement to update the sections every time. Experts are saying that people engaged in group projects can be benefitted with this new feature. All the members can easily manage their data and they can correct it whenever they want. All the users can easily read files through app and there is no need to move to Google Drive from app to read the data.

Company recently made the official announcement for this feature. They told that once users start checking its entire characteristics, he will come to know how systematically the data can be maintained through this new feature. They further made the statement that most of the people are using Google Drive. Therefore it makes sense to include it to a single place. So that it can become more convenient to their users. Most of the specialists now believe that Evernote and Google Drive have now a clear edge over others. It will assist a lot of people to manage their data.

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