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Logitech Brings You PowerShell Controller for iPhone Gaming

Logitech Brings You PowerShell Controller for iPhone Gaming

Logitech brings you PowerShell controller. If you’re an addicted iPhone gamer and like to mess around with gadgets, then Logitech has this awesome gadget designed especially for you!

So you like to play your favorite games on your iPhone 5 or 5S, but at the same time don’t want to drain your phone battery, then the Logitech PowerShell Controller is perfectly made for you, which has many features you’ll love.

It doesn’t matter now whether you’re travelling by air or seated in your living room, you can now play games for hours with PowerShell . The built in battery will increase the power capacity of your iPhone 5, 5S or iPod touch 5th Gen with its 1500mAh power. The good part is that if it still went low on battery, you can plug in the device, which will charge your both gadgets at the same time.

The console style controls makes the gaming experience more comfortable. The PowerShell controller is designed in a way that will help not to block your iPhone’s screen with your hands while playing your favorite games. The Logitech PowerShell has a casual design with rubber surface, which feels soft and firm to make you  feel comfortable holding it for hours while playing games.

Check out the gallery to see how the Powershell Controller looks like.

The Logitech controller is supported by the new iOS 7, which lets you play the hardcore games from Gameloft , EA Sports or the classic ones like Candy Crush. Just select your favorite one and start playing with this amazingly built iPhone gaming controller.

That’s not all. You can play, listen, watch, chat, snap and surf the internet. It won’t stop you from doing the daily routine stuff on your iPhone or iPod. All buttons like power/sleep, up and down volume rocker are still accessible, while your iPhone is in the PowerShell. It doesn’t end here; either as it also let you plug your headphones for making calls or listening to some great game sounds with its 3.5mm headphone jack.

Logitech PowerShell Controller Price

The device is available for just $99.99 on the official website and amazon as well. We think that the price tag is perfectly matched with features it is providing to us. PowerShell Controller has a lot to offer beside the price it costs you.

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