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Analysis of HTC Vive

Analysis of HTC Vive

HTC may be facing a big challenge with other Android smartphone makers. However one thing is now getting absolutely clear that they have the potential to become the king of VR world. They recently brought HTC Vive and most of the experts are saying that it is the best VR Machine available for the users at present. Although the price is on a higher side yet it has been declared one of the best machines in this segment. Most of the specialists are satisfied with the performance of HTC Vive. This machine can give you the experience of realistic world which differentiates it with others.

The description of VR machine is not that much easy. It is like describing a PC game to someone who never played it. However once you start checking different VR machines, you will realize the difference. We are providing this information based only on these facts. There are some other alternatives like Playstation VR and Oculus Rift which can be compared with this machine. However the performance of HTC Vive is much better than any other option. The price of HTC Vive is around £689 whereas Playstation VR costs around £300 only. The cost of Oculus Rift is somewhere about £500 only. They have all their individual criterions but taken as a whole HTC Vive is appearing much better than any other similar machine.

The design of HTC Vive is the first thing which makes the machine better than others. It is highly comfortable and material is very soft. You will not face any issue like skin irritation if you are wearing it for a long time. There are two different types of materials available which is very useful for different facial features. There are two controllers available here which will give a fresh experience every time you use. It has high-quality built-in sensors. Therefore you can easily control the machine in your virtual world. It has excellent motion controls and visuals are very sharp.

There are some downsides of the machine. It doesn’t work with every PC as it requires a high-end computer to work. The complete wired system is not that much user-friendly because it will take some time to setup the complete system. Overall if you are actually willing to purchase a VR machine then HTC Vive is the best option today. It has an excellent room-scale tracking system which appears to be highly functional for most of the people.

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