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Snapchat includes One-Handed Zoom Feature

Snapchat includes One-Handed Zoom Feature

It seems that Snapchat is getting ready to add many new features very soon. Their users are regularly increasing in 2016. You may remember we discussed that how this platform is moving ahead as they have more users than Twitter in The USA. It is encouraging the platform and they are planning to bring some new characteristics. It can give a fresh experience to their users. This photo and video messaging app has recently brought a new update. This update will allow the user to zoom the camera more easily than before. You need not have to lift the thumb off and you can comfortably get the Zoom without worrying about the quality.

The latest edition of Snapchat is allowing the user to use just one hand to zoom the camera. The previous edition required the user to use one hand for zooming the image and the other to capture which was not that much comfortable. Those users who have updated their app can check the new feature. They can now zoom with ease as a smooth drag is the only thing required to capture the image. You can now also put the image back to the same section where you started before. So in general we can say that the process is much comfortable now. This new feature is now available in Snapchat edition. You can download it if you haven’t used Snapchat so far.

The influence of Snapchat is certainly growing day by day. They have millions of users throughout the world. More are more people are becoming the part of this platform as they can check some functions which are certainly attractive for most of the people. This video and photo messaging app is gaining popularity due to its freshness. The app works very fast and you need not have to wait much to use any particular function. Many new functions have been added this year. They did the partnership with different media companies and business houses. It helped them to grow initially. Now they have added some brilliant features and most of the users have welcomed it. It is important to tell you that the new update is currently available for iOS users. They may take a few more days to offer the feature on Android. If we check all the important features of Snapchat closely, then one-handed zoom is certainly going to be very useful for all the users. It is certainly on the way to become one of the most user-friendly platforms of the market in coming times.

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