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Google IO 2016: Important Details

Google IO 2016 Important Details

Google IO 2016 event is going to start very soon. Company is preparing for the event and they have recently updated their Google I/O app. This event will take place in Mountain View and we just have to wait for a week to see some newest developments. This is the place where we can see what will be available in future. Google in collaboration with developers bring some astonishing products which helps to give a new direction to the technological world. Google IO 2016 is going to be an event where we will get an idea about the upcoming hardware as well as software products.

Google is going to organize this event from May 18th to May 20th, 2016. The first day will have a two hour opening details as CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai is going to discuss a lot of points with developers. Now after this opening we will see a lot of technological stuffs related to cars, gamings and VRs. Android is also the major part and we may see a lot of device related functions and characteristics. So there is no doubt that most of the people related to this industry are waiting for this event.

The first attraction of this event is expected to be Android N. It can be the first thing which many people will be eager to check. Currently it is not clear what functions can be the part of this Android OS but it is almost sure that it will further extend the availability of innovative features. You may remember that a few days ago we were talking about this OS. Google brought this OS for developers and a preview of the platform is giving an idea about it. Most of the experts are saying that the upcoming Google OS can have a unique pressure sensing technology. It can also have the alternatives which can be useful to save the battery power of the device.

Some reports are also saying that Chrome OS can now have Android apps. Google is planning to bring the entire Google Play Store here which will give the opportunity to utilize the power of apps more easily. The new VR is the hottest property of technological world. A lot of developments are going on this segment. There is no doubt that Google will bring something new related to these devices. So these VRs are going to grab the attention of a lot of people. Moreover many new things related to Android wearable devices are also expected to be seen. Overall the event is going to be exciting for most of the people. You can check all the related details on Google IO 2016 app to know more about it.

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