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Top iOS 10 Rumours

Top iOS 10 Rumours

Apple’s WWDC 2016 event is not very far now. This event will give a chance to a number of specialists to know more about Apple’s upcoming products. Most of them believe that 2016 could be the year when we may notice a lot of changes in smartphone industry. These changes can become the base of future where we will see a lot of different types of devices and functions. It is almost certain that we are going to see iOS 10 in this event. This upcoming operating system by Apple may bring a lot of new kinds of functions. Moreover this event will give an idea when people will start receiving the new operating system. Here we are talking about some top iOS 10 related rumours. It can offer an idea what functions could become the part of upcoming iOS devices.

People close to the industry are saying that we will definitely see a lot of new functions in iOS 10. They may become the base of the future but it will be of no use if we are expecting a huge change in upcoming operating system. There will definitely have a lot of innovative functions and users will get top quality User Interface. However it will be wrong if we are expecting a lot more than these basic things. Furthermore there are reports that Apple is planning to offer some new characteristics to manage all your photos. It will not be a surprise if this Cupertino based company decides to bring some old functions in a new form. So far we do not know which type of photos related functions are going to be available in next iOS. However one thing is almost certain that we are going to see some old functions which may work in a different manner this time.

The other section which will get a new look is emojis. There will be new emojis which can make the discussions more interactive. A lot of developments are going on in this area and Apple is regularly working to bring some new images and faces. Some reports are claiming that company employees are already using iOS 10 on their gadgets. However no one has taken the responsibility to authenticate this information. Apple knows it very well that Google has some innovative plans with their Android N. Therefore we cannot deny with the possibility that Apple may include some functions which may not be available in upcoming Android OS. Some specialists are saying that Apple may include a special “Home” app in this OS. It can become the centre of all the important functions. Company may bring the next iPhone model by the end of this year. So most probably Apple will show iOS 10 before releasing the next gadget.

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