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Apple Files New Patent which could be related to Apple Pencil 2

Apple Files New Patent which could be related to Apple Pencil 2

The first half of this year is about to end soon now. You may have heard about some details related to Apple which is not that much encouraging for iOS users. Some reports have arrived that the total sales of iOS gadgets dropped this year. This is the first time in 9 years that the total sales dropped and it is certainly disappointing news for the company in terms of total revenue. It seems that company has decided to take the steps right away to boost the figures in coming times.

We are already getting details about Apple Watch 2 and some other iOS products. However the makers are already paying attention towards accessories also because they can become a unique tool to offer a fresh experience to the users. The accessory which may get an update in coming times is “Apple Pencil”. Apple brought their pencil with iPad Pro and now some reports are emerging that Apple is planning to add more dimensions in this section. They are looking to make the device more user-friendly which can be highly useful for the buyers.

There are reports that Apple is getting some patents which will help them to make Apple Pencil 2 more productive. Makers may include interchangeable nibs as well as additional sensors which will make Apple Pencil 2 more valuable than the current model. Interchangeable nibs will help the users to receive more flexibility with their contents. It may have unique codes in coming times which will help the user to check the usage comfortably. This will certainly help improving the productivity as they can decide the required tool with ease. Moreover it can also have Touch ID like feature which can add an additional security layer to the gadget.

Apple is looking for some new patents but it does not mean that they will include all these features on their next gadget. However we cannot deny with the possibility that market will many new things in coming times. Company is definitely looking various methods through which they would be able to make the device more valuable than before. They are also looking for some innovative techniques to make their gadgets safe. There is no doubt that it will be more beneficial for the users. It will be interesting to see when Apple will include these characteristics. It will definitely grab the attention as we will see more competition in this segment.

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