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Facebook may Allow Sending Self-Destruct Messages

Facebook may Allow Sending Self-Destruct Messages

It seems that Facebook is planning to include a feature which will be very equivalent to a feature available in Snapchat. Sources are indicating that Facebook is planning to include a “self-destruct” like feature which will allow users to decide how long they need their chats to stay visible. It will be a big change in this section because users will now decide how long they want their chats to be able to be seen.

People close to the industry are saying that Facebook is working on this feature from some time now. However they may take some time to release this feature as some tests are going on. They are looking to include uniqueness here as they do not want to copy a particular feature already available in a particular platform. Some specialists are already sharing the feature through Twitter. They are talking about the related details through snapshots which talk about this characteristic in detail. They are sharing some messages through Facebook Messenger and they are saying that the messages can be deleted after a certain interval. Currently it is not clear what Facebook is planning to name this feature. Some are saying that it may be called as Self-Delete but there are no official details available at the moment.

There is no doubt that Facebook is looking to include different kinds of new features constantly to stay on the top. Currently no other social networking platform is able to compete with Facebook. It is a reality. However it does not mean that Facebook is not paying much attention to the market. They are trying to take the inspiration from other platforms also and they are not hesitating to include a similar feature to provide better services. This self-destruct/self-delete is just an example.

Some reports are also coming that Facebook is planning to include a “secret chat” feature. It will be like encrypted messages which can be accessed only the sender and receiver. A few days ago we discussed that Whatsapp has included this feature. Now it will be a big surprise if Facebook is also going to include this feature. Whatsapp is already the part of Facebook and they will definitely like to include a similar feature on their main platform. Many specialists are already discussing how you would be able to activate this feature in coming times. Facebook may announce the official version for the same very soon.

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