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Latest Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS

Latest Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS

We have just entered to a new month and it is not uncommon that many iOS lovers will like checking the latest jailbreak tweaks. These tweaks help iOS users to enjoy the complete power of the gadget. There are some new updates available in this section and if you love the jailbreak world then you may have many new things to check here. Many new tweaks are available for the users now. Most of them are not only good for regular users but for new users also. Here we are providing you some useful tweaks which will certainly assist you to check the supremacy of iOS device.

Phenomenon: – This is a spontaneous tweak which can join the Control Center as well as App Switcher. Many creative minds will certainly like this tweak to get new outcomes. The tweak has the feature which can be beneficial to keep all the latest apps to the left side of the screen. Moreover if you slide up on the home screen you can check control center without any difficulty. Phenomenon can work with Activator as well as 3D Touch. Therefore you can certainly check this tweak to get the more authority on iOS device.

IGExperiments: – Many Instagram users will like using this tweak. There are so many users who cannot wait more to check new white Instagram interface. If you are among them then download IG Experiments for free. Many users are saying that you can check different types of experimental characteristics which Instagram is currently checking internally for different functions. This will certainly be very exciting for many as you may find a number of new things.

EarthView Walls: – This tweak is for those who like to change wallpaper frequently. If you do not have any issue of choosing random wallpaper then EarthView Walls can be a nice option. This tweak is capable of selecting random wallpaper with the assistance of Google Earth. You may get some exciting images which will give a fresh gaze to the device.

SwipyFolders: – This tweak actually energizes the folders available on the device. This tweak helps the user to modify the icon of any particular folder. The 3D-Touch can give you better experience as you get more hold on it. Would like to check a new app even through the folders? This tweak will give you the chance to use iOS model with a new way.

SmartBatteryPercentage: – Many iPhone users like utilizing Smart Battery Case. If you are using this tweak then it is capable of joining the power of Smart Battery Case as well as the battery available on the device. You have charged both the devices. What will the screen show? You will get 200% which is more satisfactory. Isn’t it?

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