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Microsoft Brings Word Flow Keyboard for iOS

Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard for iOS

It seems that Microsoft is now planning to increase their customer base by entering into different segments. Their Windows based models are performing steadily from some time. It is among the prime reasons that they are now doing the things differently to grab a big market chunk. There are some reports that makers may bring a special voice-to-text app in future. However till then Microsoft has their own plans to show their supremacy in this segment. Most of the users are satisfied with the new keyboard offered by Microsoft.

Now recently Microsoft brought a special iOS app for utilizing their new keyboard and it is surprisingly very useful. This new keyboard not only assists the user to type the text with one hand but it also assists to write the next word without typing the whole content. This new keyboard for iOS can predict the word which a user wants to include in the text message. Therefore it is undoubtedly going to be very comfortable for all the users. This Word Flow app was recently developed by Microsoft. You can visit App Store of Apple if you want to use this new keyboard.  The beta edition was available at the beginning of this month. Now you can utilize the complete version with ease.

Most of the specialists are saying that this keyboard is different from all other alternatives. There are some valid reasons which make this new Microsoft keyboard unique. It can be a tough thing to type the content on a big screen model. However this new app by Microsoft comes handy in this situation as it permits you to type the content with one hand only. You need not have to hold the gadget with both of your hands to type which is highly supportive.

Currently this new keyboard is available on US iTunes store. However most probably it will arrive on other parts of the world very soon. You may require a few minutes to understand the new keyboard at the beginning. However once you get the basics right, then the keyboard may become your favourite tool in coming times. One of the best things is that the keyboard allows you to choose the display as per your wish. So check this app if you are looking for a fresh keyboard with some astonishing features. Microsoft Word Flow app will not disappoint you with its performance.

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