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Upcoming Characteristics of Windows 10

Upcoming Characteristics of Windows 10

Windows 10 is unarguably one of the best operating systems offered by Microsoft. There are many new features which distinguish this operating system from previous versions of Windows. Experts have the view that the operating system is working as a service which is the unique thing here. Windows 10 has some astonishing characteristics which prove that the operating system is surely a helpful tool to complete various tasks with ease. It seems that Microsoft has included different kinds of features beneficial for the users because they didn’t receive a very good response for Windows 8. Here we are talking about the new and some upcoming characteristics of Windows 10 which make the operating system beneficial.

Project Rome: – This is a special project which many experts are very eager to see. Company is currently working on a special project which they named “Project Rome”. Experts are claiming that this project is going to be very similar to app Handoff feature available in Apple gadgets. This feature will allow Microsoft Windows 10 users to connect with other devices comfortably with the help of Bluetooth as well as cloud. Therefore users will get a smooth experience to share the data without any difficulty.

Pen Support: – Some new reports of a special kind of pen support are also emerging out. There will be pen support for third party apps. It can be highly valuable for many users as they would be able to access different functions with the special pen support that can offer a new skill to professionals. A new update for Windows 10 may arrive this summer and it will offer many new things to the users. There will be a new start experience which will not be like the previous ‘Start’ button. There can be ink-compatible apps which you would be able to access with just a single tap.

Windows Hello: – There will be a special security tool after the update which will allow you to access Windows 10 with enterprise-level biometric security. It will be different from a regular password based access. Thus your data can stay safe. Moreover apps will also have an additional security tool which can be highly practical for many people.

Cortina: – This is an important tool of Windows 10 and this makes the operating system different from many other available options. Experts are claiming that Notification system of Cortana will be improved this time. Users will have a smooth access through lock screen without worrying about the security. Moreover it will be very easy to create reminders through this section.

Now apart from the above, there are some other reports also which claim that notification badges available in Taskbar will have user-friendly features. There will have alternatives to utilize Quick action features. So users will now access different notifications from a single place which will make the OS intelligible enough to test different features.

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