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Google Inc. is planning an Android Version for Virtual Reality

Things are going to get more interesting this year with Virtual Reality as Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is probably all set to venture deep into the system. According to the reports, Google is not in the mood to be left out of one of the most interesting technology of the world. Facebook leaped one step ahead of Google in this regard with the $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR and that is the very reason why Google is preparing a team of engineers to work upon an Android version based on virtual

Android is one of the most used operating system and thus in case Google develops a version of Android for Virtual reality, we might just be a part of things, which are way beyond excellence. Putting aside imagination, Google’s ‘Virtual Reality for Android Applications’ project is being taken care by Clay Bavor, Vice President for Product Management and director of engineering, Jeremy Doig.

Currently Google has four different versions of Android in the market running on Smartphones, Televisions, Wearable devices and Cars. The addition of another version will certainly take Android way above the others in the overall market share allowing another boost to Google. The reports also suggest that Google has been gearing up for the Virtual Reality for Android Applications project since 2014. Google has already invested approximately $500 million in a start up company, Magic Leap Inc., that develops devices that can display images in Virtual reality.

Google is not the only company looking to create Virtual reality devices. Sony Inc. is also working on Morpheus, which will provide Virtual Reality for PlayStation 4. Microsoft has HoloLens and Samsung teamed up with Oculus. Thus, the competition is strong and it will be expected that all the companies will try to create outstanding results. It will be interesting to see how people gear up for Virtual Reality.

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