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How to Remote control a PC using your Android phone

How to Remote control a PC using your Android phone

We generally use standard keyboard and mouse, or something like that to control your media pc from distance. You can also purchase more expensive media center remote but we don’t think that either of the options are good and the best method available. Now you can use your Android Smartphones which has a little application called Gmote that gives you complete control of your media PC. You can use this app Gmote for the purpose like,

  • To control media on your pc.
  • For playback on big screen.
    • To stream media from your PC to phone or tablet.

For installing this app Gmote there are following steps:

  Get the Application

Get the Application

You can get this app Gmote 2.0 on the Android market, download this app and install it. The very first time when you will open this app it will provide you with the information that you need to install the Gmote server on your PC by downloading it from the website.

Allow it to access

Step 2 : Allow it to access

As you have installed Gmote on your PC and Android phone allow the program access to the internet and create a password for connecting to the Gmote server through your Android phone and then just select the location of the media files on your hard drive. Then just Click on ‘Add path’, then simply choose the folder (or folders) that you want to share with the phone.

  • Never too late

Later if you want to change and want to create a more secure password for your smartphones access or wish to add more folders to share or even remove those folders which you’ve previously linked to then you just need to right-click the Gmote icon in your Taskbar select the appropriate link from the Settings menu.

  • Start Android

When your PC is ready to work get your Android device to work, Go back to Gmote and tap the button on the screen so that the application know that you have installed Gmote on your machine now. The name of your PC should be there up on the screen, so just tap it and if not then just press the option below it to enter your computer’s IP address manually.

  • Enter the password

Now you will see the remote control layout on your Android device’s screen with complete media playback controls and much more, after that click any of the buttons on the screen and it will ask you to enter the password you entered earlier while setting up Gmote on your PC. When it is done it will connect to your computer and you will get your remote Android control.

  • Explore the controls

When you first open this application, you will be presented with an array of media controls that you can play, pause and alter the volume of any media files that you open no matter whether they are music or video.

  • Find some files

Once when you are finished with the first screen you can now start browsing for media files on your PC’s hard drive. Click the ‘Browse’ button in the top left-hand side of the screen and you will see a list of folders that you have added earlier then just click on the folder where your media files is located and click a file to open it on your PC now this will be your default program for the file type.

  • Play on tablet

Now you can also send media stored on your PC to your Android tablet or Smartphone. Continuing this way is quiet easy just go back to the file browser on your Android device and at the top where it says ‘Play on’ CLICK ‘Phone (beta)’. You will now be able to search for all media files as you did before that is because of this feature is still in beta, not all file types are supported.

  • Finger tricks

One of the best features of this app is the ability to convert itself into a mouse and keyboard at your will. Press the menu button and click on ‘Touchpad’ to turn the screen into a mouse touchpad. The real beauty of this is that when you tap the screen it will register as a left click of the mouse and if you hold your finger down it will bring up the Windows context menu.

  •  Type away

You can now just type directly on screen by simply clicking the keyboard icon in the top-left corner. Input responses are immediate therefore you can type entire documents on your phone. Gmote has another cool trick up is that tap the menu button once more and select ‘Web (beta)’ and you can now search the internet.

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