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Android Device Manager Lets You Find Your Lost Droid

Android Device Manager Lets You Find Your Lost Droid

You can now find your lost or stolen android device by Google’s Android Device Manager, yes that’s true!

Android Device Manager lets you find your Android device, let it be a smartphone or a tablet if it runs on Android you’ll be able to do few things remotely.  This service is somewhat similar to the Apple’s Find my iPhone, which allows the Apple user to track all products it might be a tablet or notebook or iPhone.

Most of us have experienced the same situation where we forget our lovely droid in some restaurants or in a shop. And most of us weren’t really able to find our smart devices. That’s the reason that Google has come up with such a service for us.

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What Android Device Manager can do for you!

By using Android Device Manager you can remotely locate your android device it will be directly ping-able with Google Maps. You can make your android phone to ring at the max if you ended up dropping your phone where you can’t see it let it be under couch cushions or you can pin point the location of your droid if you lost it outside of your residence. This service let you see the last place where your android has been connected to the internet so you can route the to trace your droid smart device.You can also wipe your lost android if you think you can’t get it back, all this can be done through the Android Device Manager.

Good news about Android Device Manager!

The good news is that every android device on this planet whether it’s running on Android 2.2 Froyo or the latest Android 4.3 JellyBean will be able to run  Android Device Manager. The Android Device Manager Update is rolling out for every android device so be patient you’re going to get it in some time.

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