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Xiaomi Max: Upcoming Phablet by Xiaomi

Xiaomi Max Upcoming Phablet by Xiaomi

Xiaomi recently brought their next flagship model Mi5 into the market. It got the positive response and now makers are getting ready for the next gadget. Some leaked information is giving a clue that Xiaomi is working on the next gadget. The name of this gadget is Xiaomi Max which will be a phablet. Company conducted an online poll to choose the name. They have kept a number of options like Xiaomi Pro, Xiaomi Plus etc. but Xiaomi Max got the maximum response.

Xiaomi has not shared any specifications about the gadget. However many leaked reports suggest that this model can have a 6.4 inch screen. It will be a metal gadget with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 64-bit quad-core processor. These are just the rumours and not the official report. Company is also working on Xiaomi Mi Note 2. Therefore it will be interesting to see which processor will be available here. We cannot deny with the possibility that Xiaomi Max can have a processor with a little less power. Xiaomi may plan to add Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor in Mi Note 2 as it can be their flagship phablet. These are just the speculations.

The biggest screen-size of Xiaomi brand so far is 5.7 inches. It is of Mi Note. Therefore Mi Max is going to push the limits and Xiaomi will be among the few makers with high-quality phablet. There is no doubt that the competition is getting intense day by day. A number of other makers are also entering the fray due to which the task of getting the required sales figure is not easy. Currently most of the experts feel that Xiaomi is now competing directly with makers like Samsung, Sony, and LG. However at the same time they have to face the competition from OnePlus, LeEco and Huawei.

Therefore Xiaomi Max can be a model which will surely be a distinctive gadget in its category. Makers will try their best to bring reasonably priced model with excellent specifications. Currently the release date is not known but we may get the details soon. Makers definitely keep an eye on other competitors as it helps them to choose the sweet spot to bring the gadget. Xiaomi Max will definitely be a dependable gadget. It can have QHD display. Therefore the gadget can be a right choice for those who are looking for a powerful gadget with excellent screen.

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