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Moto G4 Plus Leaked Online

Moto G4 Plus Leaked Online

Motorola gadgets are in news after a long time. People have not heard much about it from some days. However now it seems the makers are planning to bring a new model in near future. A leaked image gives a hint that company is getting ready to offer a new smartphone. This model may belong to midrange segment and specialists are claiming that it could be the next model of Moto G. Some news at the beginning of this month was giving a hint that Motorola was planning for a new gadget from some time. Now after those reports nothing was said with confirmation.

The things have progressed as a leaked image is pointing about a new model by the makers. Although nothing much has been revealed at present yet many experts are convinced that something is in store now. The leaked image shows the bottom side of the gadget with a home button. It is somewhat rectangular in shape with round edges. There are no reports about the specifications. Moreover price and availability are also not clear. Most of the specialists have the opinion that the gadget will have a fingerprint sensor. It is tough to say anything with surety at present because nothing more has been leaked so far except this image.

One thing is almost certain that the image belongs to the next model by Motorola. There are no official reports but reliable sources are giving a clear indication that Moto G4 Plus is on the way. One of the executives of Motorola has revealed at the beginning of this year that company is planning for a gadget with fingerprint sensor. Now therefore we can say that this upcoming model may have this facility. The model is going to be the new addition in Moto series. It will further increase the competition into the marketplace because some leaked details are giving a hint that Samsung is also planning to bring new C series models. Motorola is still looking to enhance their customer base. They are targeting the midrange segment. Most probably they want to capture the market in this area so that they can strengthen their base. You may know that Motorola is going to bring another model in coming times but at present there are no details available about it. Some images were leaked online a few days ago and many experts are claiming that it could be Moto X3.

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