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Legal Battle between Apple and FBI to Start Again

Legal Battle between Apple and FBI to Start Again

You may remember that a few days ago we discussing about the battle going on between Apple and FBI. It was related to encryption issue and the latest developments suggest that both the parties are going to lock their horns once again next week. Many people were under impression that the legal fight is over now but it is not the case. A congressional committee recently announced that both the parties are going to discuss the matter before lawmakers as they are going to return to Congress as early as next week.

It is very surprising that the battle has not been ended so far. There is a strong disagreement between the parties which is dragging the case regularly. FBI was interested to unlock the iPhone model with the help of Apple. However Apple was not interested to do so because of the reasons well-known to them. FBI was considering it a major security issue as one of the gunmen used the device last December. Later on the FBI found that it can be a major security threat and they were looking to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Apple and FBI are now getting ready to discuss the matter in court as it will assist to understand the matter thoroughly. It will give them the chance to know the circumstances more clearly which can bring the matter to an end. Amy Hess from FBI and Bruce Sewell from Apple will be present to discuss their points. People close to the industry are eager to see the developments now. FBI has taken the help of freelance hackers to access the details of iOS device. However both the parties now have to testify on separate panels on April 19th. So Tuesday is going to be the day when both the parties will be present their points before House Energy and Commerce subcommittee and people are interested to check how this matter will move ahead now.

Many other technology experts as well as legal experts will be present to discuss the matter in detail to bring all the points. Amy Hess will definitely try that gadget makers like Apple should get the directions to co-operate with FBI in all the related matters as the security of the citizens cannot be compromised in any case. Apple will also going to discuss their points as they are looking to protect the data of their users. The hearing of the matter will start 10AM ET on Tuesday. We will provide you all the details as soon as we get the information about it.

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