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Chatbots on Facebook Messenger

Chatbots on Facebook Messenger

Chatbots are programs that interact with people on messengers. They are also called as charterbots or talkbots. Facebook introduced chatbot on Facebook messenger. Facebook messenger users can contact specific business chatbot by discovering the company chatbot in Facebook messenger and start conversation to get required information from the enterprise.


How Chatbots work

Chatbots are backend programs which take customer input message, process the message to reply with appropriate information that customer wants. Chatbots rely on backend textual databases for data. It uses natural language system and key word matching tools to come up with right reply.


How Chatbots Help Users

Contacting customer service representative using 1-800 numbers and getting issues resolved or getting required information is time consuming.  By contacting businesses via chatbot not only saves time but users can receive high quality information. Customer can even use chatbots to perform transactions without having to visit company websites and spend time in find products and service. For example, e-commerce company chatbot can help users find and purchase products easily. Users can find mobile phones deals by interacting with deals website chatboat. User can check availability of flight ticket or movie ticket and book on the spot.


Benefits for Business

Chatbots help enterprises provide quality customer service and information on products to customers. It can even be used to carry out tasks such as purchase transactions. Companies can reach out to vast user base of Facebook to give latest news, get leads and create brand awareness.  More importantly, with Facebook’s vast trove of user data, interactions can be personalized and get best results.


How to create Chatbot for Facebook Messenger

Facebook opened its chatbot tools for developers to allow them to create chatbots on Facebook messenger. Developers first need to start with setup by creating Facebook App which contains settings, Facebook Page which is used as identify of bot and Webhook URL which is used to send message events by secure callbacks. Using send and receive API, various message formats such as text, image and video can be sent and received.

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