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Use Of Social Media In Social Events

Social Media In Social Events

The Use of Social Media as a tool for marketing and awareness campaigns is getting more and more popular. The first Reason for that could be that it is way cheaper than any other form of marketing. With the inception of social media in our lives, this medium of communication has taken the world by such a force which is hard to resist. This mode of communication has become a common practice where people respond faster on social media than anywhere else.

The use of internet and specifically social media is on a boom now a days with social networks like Facebook, twitter, myspace etc. etc. This Internet boom has shocked the whole world with its undermining charms and beauty. The attraction of social media networks had just bounded everyone in a spell that is just simply unimaginable. This boom had let us to think how this Phenomenon can be retained and be used in the business for effective marketing and awareness campaigns as well. With Riots being conducted through these mediums and people use it for updates and all.

Recently TEDxLondon Organized an event about Picking up the baton from Sir Ken Robinson’s latest TED Talk –the event has been designed specifically to ask “How can we bring on the education revolution?” The event used an extensive social media campaign to support the cause of awareness and facilitating the fans with regular updates as well. At the event, people were encouraged to tweet and put relevant hash tags in their tweets.

Organizers were encouraged to multi-task while they were present there, to give live updates to their friends and family. The event was broadcasted on live stream and twitter was used to give periodical updates about the current happenings at the event. “Social media encourages us to act as journalists who can document and share information with others in an instant. It allows us to become the eyes and ears for the people online”. Said Kakul Ehsan, she was handling the social media campaign for TedxLondon. We shared information every minute, kept everybody on the loop, shared pictures, showed live streams and kept the flow of communication between us steady and fast.

By the end of event, we hoped that everybody online was updated as much as we were. We wanted to instill a feeling of being here at the event in any possible way through instant online interaction. The integration of social media in our daily lives had taken the whole sharing experience to a new levels with minute to minute live updates of our daily functions and actions, which is kind of weird but it is the whole part of experience in this “Online and virtual world.” One couldn’t imagine how the world can be further changed in the future because of the Social media, but the business and Internet marketing are surely being the in the top categories of the things that would be directly inspired by it.

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