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Whatsapp Just Did Something Extraordinary

Whatsapp Just Did Something Extraordinary

Remember the battle of Apple vs. FBI? They locked horns over unlocking the iPhone and the issue was dragging like anything. Now it’s time to forget it because Whatsapp successfully did a task which is sufficient enough to grab the eyeballs of everyone. The topic has been originated from California and the discussions have already been started throughout the world. The office of Whatsapp is in California and they have taken a step which can be a big concern for many government officials throughout the world. The reason is that all the messages can now only be accessed by the sender and the receiver.

This is certainly a very big thing. Whatsapp gave an official statement that they will now go for full encryption on all the platforms. Now many people will think that it is certainly an excellent step. The data is secure and now we need not have to worry if someone has read the messages. Many journalists will also praise this step. However many law enforcement agencies around the globe will definitely not like it. It will enhance the trend of encryption and it can pose lots of challenges to them.

Full encryption simply means that only the sender and receiver can read the messages. The same rule will apply in group chatting also. Those who are in a specific group can read that particular message. Moreover calls and many other data can also be encrypted without any difficulty. Co-founder of Whatsapp Jan Koum recently announced this new update through Facebook. He told that company was working on this feature from last two years. The official statement by Whatsapp says that their primary target is to provide better security. They want to keep the data safe because people deserve appropriate security of all the data. Proper security of data means that we can chat with our loved ones confidently without worrying about hackers or other cyber criminals. It will give the assurance to speak our minds freely.

The full encryption may appear great for many users. However it will definitely be a big issue for law enforcement agencies because they will also not be able to access the data. It can give a big security concern for them. Facebook is the owner of Whatsapp and now it will be interesting to see what steps government will take now. Law enforcement agencies will undoubtedly talk about it and this latest development may raise many eyebrows in coming times.

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