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Wheresmytime: The Perfect Android App For Time Management

Wheresmytime - Perfect Android App For Time Management

Do you remember how much time you spent in each location you visited last week or month? It’s obvious no one can remember it, but do you know that there is an app for it now! Yes, an app that will record the time you spend on every location you visit. Wheresmytime app is a perfect companion for you. It lets you keep a record of the time you spend on the places you visit in your daily routine. This app is a treat for people, who love to schedule their commitments by having a clear picture of how much time they can take out for an important task.

There are innumerable apps, which give your actual position, but only a few of them show where you have been as well as how much time you have spent in each location.

Wheresmytime is one of the most accurate time tracking android app available to us.

Wheresmytime is a time tracking android app, which lets you store each and every second you spend on different locations. A plus point is that it will run in the background without letting you get annoyed by pop-ups. The time that you spend daily on different places will be shown accurately on the map for each specific location.

How Does it work?

You need to have a Wi-Fi or Mobile Data ON and GPS (GPS isn’t necessary) to run Wheresmytime. When you open the app it will show you the current location, it will change if you travel to a new destination and immediately start monitoring the time you spend on that particular location.

Wheresmytime App Interface

You can set the time period to Day, Week and Month by clicking on the Top, where “Wheresmytime” is written. If you want to view your spent time through a regular map or a satellite view, it can also be done from the same Menu. Share screen is another option through which, you get to share your location with your friends and family. The Preferences menu lets you select metrics, Start on boot, PIN protection, Location tracking, Shutdown, Export/Import DB, Show Status Bar notification and Show mobile data alert.

Wheresmytime is made for everyone

Wheresmytime can be interesting for all of us to monitor where we have been and where we spent our time, and from business perspective, it could support categories like agents, sales representatives, surveyors, assessors, experts, etc.

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