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HTC 10 Mini May Arrive by September

HTC 10 Mini May Arrive by September

We still have to get the official details of HTC 10 and the talks about its Mini edition have already started emerging out. HTC 10 Mini is on the cards but all the things are under wraps at present. The device is expected to have a small frame but the specifications can be better than the present model. A number of leaked reports are giving a clear hint that HTC is planning to bring the mini edition of HTC 10. It may arrive in September with some enhanced hardware features.

HTC 10 Mini is expected to have a 4.7 inch display and the model will work through Snapdragon 823 processor. It clearly shows that the model will not be less in any way if you are looking for a powerful smartphone. This mini flavour is expected to compete with many other premium models. The smartphone can have 1080p display which would be able to give clear outcome under different conditions. Company may use quad-core Kryo CPU which may work through a higher clock.

HTC 10 Mini can have 4GB RAM and some reports are saying that microSD card slot can be up to 128GB. There are no official details at present but most probably company will bring this model a few months after HTC 10. They have the history of bringing mini editions and this time also company will prefer the same procedure. Company may not include Quad HD resolution in this model but it may not make much difference because it can still be capable of giving superb display.

HTC 10 Mini may have to face huge challenges. You may aware of that iPhone brought a special edition recently. We cannot deny with the possibility that it can still challenge HTC 10 Mini in September. Moreover other makers are also planning to bring new types of gadgets. Price is going to be a big factor here. The options are huge for customers. Therefore many people will prefer checking other models also. HTC 10 Mini can be a good alternative for true HTC lovers. Company is trying a lot to their fortunes. They will surely like to increase their reach with different kinds of models. One thing is almost certain that company will not deviate drastically in comparison to the standard model. The high-end processor will definitely give good performance and you will like the performance of this gadget.

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