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How to Use Snapchat Lenses

How to Use Snapchat Lenses

Snapchat is a powerful image messaging application software available from many years now. Millions of people around the globe use it in their professional and personal lives and it is surely one of the finest ways to describe the points clearly. This platform helps people sharing photos and videos with a little fun and at the same time it can make the contents useful also. Snapchat lenses are an integral part of this platform. Here we are talking about this section to show how it can be beneficial for you.

Snapchat lenses allow people to add more fun by adding real time special effects as well as sounds. Earlier Snapchat used to offer a complete Lens store but now it has been closed on January 8th, 2016. Now it doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize this function. You can surely utilize the benefits but now just the free section of lenses available. Those who are using some paid lenses before can still utilize it by paying the required amount. Many people find these lenses as a tool to augment selfies. Therefore now you can easily understand how useful it can be to add more fun while sharing the content.

These lenses work in a very simple way. Just open the snapchat section and visit camera screen. Make sure that this screen should be the first as soon as you open Snapchat. Many times the rear-camera section is active. Just switch to front camera to capture your image. Once you get the picture, just press and hold the image for some time. Here you will find the lens section. Now you can choose a lens by simply swiping to the left. It may give some instructions here. Follow the required steps and use the capture button for getting the image. You can also record the videos through capture button. Simply press and hold the button to get the videos.

Snapchat lenses are available for iOS as well as android. Devices like iPad 4, iPhone 5 and iPod 6th generation and above support this feature. Similarly Android users should have Android 4.3 or above to enjoy the characteristics here. You can visit the support section of Snapchat lens if you have any query about it. They have recently introduced the new version of chat. A single tap is enough to start the chat. You will surely like this edition because communication is smoother than before.

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